Sunday 25 February 2018

Orlocks for Necromunda 2018

Just started back into Necromunda after many, many years. I'm having a look at the Orlocks. I am putting together a 1000 credit gang and have come up with the following: -

The Gang
I decided on a gang size of 9. That is 4 Gangers and 5 others.

Basic Leader with Boltgun, Autopistol and Chainsword. He should be able to look after himself and I will keep someone close to him at all times.

Probably the big decision is that I have taken 2 Champions. In the past it was nice for them to start building experience early. I have given one the Heavy Stubber and just gone Autogun for the other. What do people think? Is this sound thinking?

I have also taken some shotguns for the ranged Gangers and then a couple of basic close combat guys. Shotguns was just because they seem to be the thing for Orlocks. Might I be better with Autoguns?

Then I have some hand to hand Juves. Basic fodder to see if they advance. Nice Movement on them.

Has anyone been playing them?

Any tips or thoughts welcome.


  1. Replies
    1. You know me - I do like a spread sheet. Anyway it will flicking through the books looking for the stats.

  2. Have your Juves got different stats or is that a typo? I need to sort me a spreadsheet too ;)

    1. The bottom guy is correct. I will copy paste.

  3. Don't Gangers need to match or outnumber Juves/Champions/Leaders?

    1. You are right, for a starting gang they need to be 50% of the total as a minimum. I have had to alter my proposed line up.