Wednesday 11 May 2016

Frostgrave warband assembly

Yesterday I took delivery of some Frostgrave soldiers from the Dark Templar, thank you kind sir. Great kits and everything swaps so it is possible to build some characterful models.

I have previously drawn up a warband and so now I have the chance to construct the models.

First up is my Thief.

He is armed with a dagger and I have given him a sackful of loot and some rope. He might need that to get to those difficult to reach windows.

Next is my Man at Arms.

He has a hand weapon and shield. I have added pouches to the rear belt on the assumption that a man at arms will needs lots of bits and pieces to maintain his weaponry.

Then we have the Ranger.

He is armed with a bow, hand weapon and I added the quiver of arrows to his back.

I have also opted for a Thug.

He has a hand weapon and I added a stick with fire in the off hand. That is very thug-like. Maybe he will be setting fire to something or else he is just out on an evening prowl.

Finally we have the Treasure Hunter.

I like this guy a lot. I gave him a lantern for searching those dark corners. He is armed with a hand weapon and has a huge sack on his back to carry all that treasure.

A motley crew indeed.

I need to get some paint on them and then we will be ready to play.


  1. Splendid stuff Bullcher, and they do indeed look like a motely crew. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them as sculpts too as I've found them somewhat frustratingly soft in detail.

    1. Wel I believe that you have to paint them to discover the detail. My next job. I have been painting Zombiecide stuff and have been amazed by the the level of detail. Constantly surprising. I remain hopeful that these models will give me something to think about.

  2. Now that looks like a crew to fear! Looking forward to seeing them painted.

    1. I think this would be a great game to play but probably need to be playing weekly to really benefit. I have seen some games on utube and I like the feel of it. Especially as the characters advance like in Necromunda.