Wednesday 18 May 2016

Frostgrave 'bad guys'

Back in the day, I started my gaming career with Necromunda. There are many similarities to Frostgrave in that the war bands are about the same size and after each game the warband gains experience, weaponry, money etc. On e of the things that I liked about Necromunda was that during the game you often unearthed creatures that then tried to do you damage.

After my first couple of Frostgrave games I had a read through some of the set scenarios and realised that I would have to go back in time and dust off some of the Necromunda 'bad guys'. I trip into the garage took me back in time. The Necromunda figures had not se the light of day in many years.

I also had a look at some of the Bloodbowl figures and even Malifaux.

The Bad Guys
Oh yes, I am feeling the love. Obviously some of them need to be 'tidied up'. The Genestealers were our 'go to' monster but other than that we have rats, spiders, skeletons, zombies, my Bloodbowl Troll and Ratogre as well as some dogs from Malifaux. In the middle of it all is a really old fashioned chaos beast.

Anyway it all adds to the flavour and will allow some variety in scenario playing.


  1. So many treasures there, can't wait to see them taking chunks out of the warbands.

    1. It will be funny alright. I think we will need to stick together or die on your own ;-)