Monday 16 May 2016

Campaign battle two

The second game in our campaign saw us follow the same format as the first. We placed the treasure tokens and we were ready to go.

The growing Warband
My warband had grown and was now 11 strong. I was using some replacement models from Zombicide Black Plague. Having the Inn as my base allows me to take an extra member. I spent my gold crowns on a Marksman, two more Rangers and another Thief.

Gaming Board
This meant that the board was much more open and this made life a lot more difficult. You really do need lots of Terrain for this game.

The pattern for the game followed along the lines of the first game except we had much more people on the board. I placed a couple of Walls and the Dark Templar threw down some fog. It was all a bit mad. We went from total openness to a blockade in a matter of minutes. It wasn't helped by us placing the tokens in a fairly narrow line along the centre of the board.

We both suffered casualties from the ranged weapons and spell casters. Neither Wizard took out any of the opposition. We have figured out that there are big bonuses for this so its something that we need to pay attention to in future.

We each captured three pieces of Treasure and I even used my Telekinesis ability to drag a piece of treasure from the centre of the board to make it easier to capture. It was good fun pinging shots across the table.

Warband after two games
In the end phase, I spent my XP on improving my ability to cast Wall and Elemental Bolt and I spent my money on acquiring a new spell Elemental Ball. I am keeping a fairly detailed spread sheet with records of exactly what happened to who. So far I lost my Apprentice in game one, but he recovered and then I lost my Ranger Gawain in the second but he also recovered.

I have 245 gold crowns in the bank, A Grimoire with the Heal spell and a  Scroll with the Plane Walk spell. It is starting to build nicely.


  1. I'm sensing that we are just a tiny bit hooked with this then? ;)

  2. He, he. We have been looking for a game that is short in duration, devastating when it comes to combat and allows for story telling along the way. By George I think we have found it. You can also play 3 and 4 way games and there are set scenarios where other creatures participate. I think we have a long way to go with it.