Saturday 21 November 2015


I have been having some fun applying a little paint to my 'big guy', Brick. I love the model and he is coming along nicely.

He kinda reminds me of those old westerns where someone was nearly always called 'The Swed'. He would be built like the proverbial 'Brick S**t House'. Hence the blond look.

The model itself has great detail and it is a joy to handle. There are lots of little swirls on the armour and then there are the multitude of belts and buckles. Just a great piece of work. Hats off to the sculptor.

And Yes, he has got eyes. We learned from playing Blood Bowl that models just don't perform as well without eyes ;-)


  1. Looks great. Really like the sculpt a big muscled looking dude!

  2. Every team needs a Brick! Great job dude!

  3. Brilliant! And now I will have to dig out my copy of Heartbreak Ridge, just because you you mentioned the 'Swede'!

  4. Excellent stuff, looking very good. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yip he is a lump alright. Cool model to paint.