Friday 6 November 2015

And then it happened - Guild Ball

My main playing partner has had a pretty hectic few months and hobby time has been at a premium. He is relishing a return and can light light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A paint tray sits at the end. I suggested that he choose a 'project' he help get him restarted. Something exciting, interesting, know the kind of thing.

The Dark Templar launched himself into the new project yesterday. Guild Ball!!

Now you know that this propels me into action. Last year we were in the middle of our Batman games when Salute 2014 came along. We had so enjoyed Blood Bowl that Guild Ball caught my eye. The guys from Guild Ball had an amazing display at the event. Really persuasive.

The game looks fantastic! There are a small number of models all of whom have been lovingly sculpted. The game dynamics looks very interesting and the rules gave each team very different playing styles. What is not to love. I piled in a bought a couple of starter teams. One for me and one for the DT.

My choice was the Masons.

The starter box comes with three models.

It was the female models that drew me in. So dynamic.

Lets start with Mallet though. He is a cool model with great detail and a wonderful large two handed hammer. As with all things there were some assembly issues but a combination of pins, greenstuff and glue got me there.

Next comes Honour. Fabulous flowing movement in the pose.

And then finally we have Harmony. I just love this model. I think it is the hair. You can imagine her dropping to this low pose before sweeping in to undertake her action.

As luck would have it we didn't actually get to play any Guild Ball. Batman was still the main game at the time, then there was Zombicide. So many games so little time.

Sounds like Guild Ball could be the project that takes us to Christmas and beyond. Guess I will need to get the paints back out of the garage and make some purchases to fill out my team. The Dark Templar has even gone and switched teams. He started as the Morticians. Sounds like he has been doing some research. He has gone and bought The Butchers. Well he never was much of a salad guy!


  1. Doc Bungle offered some thoughts on the teams – excellent reading:

    1. Wow - lots of detail. I think we will need to play test before we can appreciate some of the content. Sounds good though.

  2. "It was the female models that drew me in" - I'm starting to see a pattern forming here! :D

    1. Tis true. Tis true. And there are so many fabulous models.