Friday 15 January 2016

Gaming weekend approaching - preparations ongoing

Well myself and the DT have been bold enough to book in a regular gaming event. One a month and if we can work something else in between then all the better. Our first is scheduled for 2 weeks time and preparations are a foot. There may even be one or two new players in the coming weeks. Amazing.


We are planning to have a game of Guildhall, building on our very enjoyable set of starting games. I plan to field the Season One team. I will hold Chisel in reserve for another day. Something to look forward to.

The painting is going well and I now have paint on all the models.

I still have more work to do. There are details to highlight etc but the bulk work is completed and it is all looking rather splendid.

I thought about creating a set of goals for my team. I had a look online and found some inspirational stuff for many of the other teams. I thought I would share some of them. Some really creative work here. Be inspired.

I really love this for the Fishermen. Someone had a proper brain box moment.

And how about this for the Engineers? Great thought process.

This could only be the Morticians!

And of course the Butchers.

I am still searching for inspiration for my own guys. We will just have to see if the muse pays me a visit. I would like it to be something of a Wow thing, a man has to set high standards you know.


I am hopeful that we can get a test game for Frostgrave. The rules look handy enough and it has the potential to be a really fun campaign. If we could get one game every time we meet up then the war band could be building nicely.

I have been considering which way to go with my Wizard. As things stand I have started with an Elementalist, they seem to be fairly balanced, and then have chosen some low value spells to start off with. Spells are hard to cast in the beginning so I wanted to have a reasonable percentage chance when using them.

I plan to stick with the Zombicide names. So Baldric will be my leader.

I plan to use my Zombicide Black Plague models for the war band. I am preparing a list and having fun doing so. I have undercoated the models and at least two are advancing near to completion. I will keep you all posted on my final list and show the painting progress over the next few days. There is a lot of detail to the models.

I am very excited.


  1. Wow – I need to pull my finger out!

    1. Have you decided who's getting dropped from the Masons team come game day?

    2. Oops I had missed that. Only six allowed hmmm ..... Maybe the big man. I love the model but they say he is no good. I will have to do some reading up.

  2. For Mason's you could have a forge? or a drum of oil for quenching?

    1. Emmmm food for thought - always good to hear from you ;-)

  3. The team look awesome! Now about that goal, how about something monumental perhaps a pyramid with an all seeing eye. ;)

    1. Or a pillar with an empty doorway on top for the goal

    2. That is some good thinking. Maybe even an obelisk ... immmm