Saturday 6 April 2013

Something New!!

The Dark Templar is visiting this weekend and has a 'new and secret' project that he is working on.

In preparation I was required to delve into the world of 28mm models and so I have made my purchase and they arrived yesterday afternoon. Germanic Tribesmen.

OMG - have my fingers suddenly grown or could it be that they are soooo small!! How does anyone work at this scale. Just assembling them was scary.

I purchased 8 metal figures from Warlord Games. I am short 4 shields so I will work on the 4 that are complete with a view to having them to a playing standard for tomorrow. I have just assembled and based them. Waiting on the glue to dry and then I can base coat. I have a few hours of painting ahead of me and then I will be ready.

I am excited to learn of the 'new and secret' project - what can the Dark Templar be up to? Check out his recent activity for more clues the-dark-templar


  1. The plot thickens; are they really that much smaller than 40K?

  2. They really are. The features are smaller and the arms and legs thinner but I am enjoying painting them. Just takes a bit of getting used to I guess.

  3. Ah didn't realise they were metal (I'm working backwards through the posts).
    I have to say that the scale has been a little trying, being so used to the big toys!