Thursday 2 May 2013

The Spartans are coming

I enjoyed assembling the Salute 'give away' model. He has some excellent detail. I thought he looked a bit lonely on the painting tray and so went online to find him some buddies.

They turned up yesterday.

He has his own gang now :-)

The models seem to suit him fairly well and I have not had problems fitting the weapons which seems common with the 28mm stuff I have had to date.

I need to choose a colour scheme and I am wondering if my green stuff skills would be good enough to try and mould the rams head onto the shield. Emmm.


  1. They're great looking minis (aside from not being spartans, lol) – I feel an RPG coming on!

    I'm liking the dark blue in the image – goes well with all that gold!

  2. For moulding the rams head onto the shield, you could go the instant mould / blu stuff route and make a nice press mould...

    1. ooh, nice idea with the blu stuff. I think I have some – I'll bring it over at the weekend if I can find it Bull.

    2. Press mould - I am liking that idea very much!!

  3. Very nice set of miniatures look forward to seeing the group all completed. I have to admit the figures are very tempting.....must resist......