Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Painting the Orlocks

I got the paints out and have been having some fun with my new gang. I have gone for that dark look with blues and browns.

Orlocks 2018
I am pleased with the progress so far. Lots of tidying up to be done and details to be picked out but they are starting to look the part.

I want to have a least one piece of strong colour on each model. I feel that it makes them unique. There is plenty of options to choose from. Hair colour, bandana, arm bands ... all kinds.

Next I want to get their names straight. This is always helpful and makes the game very personal.

Leveller and Rivits are my two Champions. I have settled into them with ease. Leveller is on the Heavy Stubber and Rivits is standing beside him with the Autogun held to his chest.

Nighthawk is my Leader at the front.

The rest have been christened but I have yet to get comfortable with them.

First game is on Monday and I am really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Orlocks, the old and the new.

I had a dig around in the garage for my old Necromunda models. Thought it would be nice to compare them. Brought all the old memories flooding back.

My old Orlock gang
They were lovely models. The young sprightly Juves, grizzled Gangers, hefty Champions and well armed Leader. I had started to rebase them a few years back....yet another unfinished project. The big thing with Necromunda was WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get. The models had to have the right weapons so we were regularly swopping arms and stuff. The wee Juve in the middle at the back had just been given a Laspistol in his right hand and I had turned it sideways for some fun.

They were a fun crew to play.

I have just assembled the new models.

New Orlock gang - Wreaking-ball
They fit together quite nicely. The shoulder pads are a bit of a pain and a few of mine lifted without me noticing. Not happy about that! But I will need to assemble more at some point.

All the models are the same height, weight etc. so they are less characterful. I wonder if they will bring out a Leader model in the future...? I really would have liked the guy with the Heavy Stubber to be a bit of a heavy-set monster.

Both spruces are identical which seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Weapons choices are very limited. I was very disappointed about that. You would think that there would be one or two decent weapons for the Leader at the very least. I would have liked a few more heads. I did not want to use the respirator heads as I have not spent credits on them yet.

Bearing in mind the game is all about character I feel like someone has been very lazy here.

On the up side I love the models themselves. There is lots of cool detail. I can't wait to get the paints out and spend some time with them. The bases are also nice. Here we go again.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Orlocks for Necromunda 2018

Just started back into Necromunda after many, many years. I'm having a look at the Orlocks. I am putting together a 1000 credit gang and have come up with the following: -

The Gang
I decided on a gang size of 9. That is 4 Gangers and 5 others.

Basic Leader with Boltgun, Autopistol and Chainsword. He should be able to look after himself and I will keep someone close to him at all times.

Probably the big decision is that I have taken 2 Champions. In the past it was nice for them to start building experience early. I have given one the Heavy Stubber and just gone Autogun for the other. What do people think? Is this sound thinking?

I have also taken some shotguns for the ranged Gangers and then a couple of basic close combat guys. Shotguns was just because they seem to be the thing for Orlocks. Might I be better with Autoguns?

Then I have some hand to hand Juves. Basic fodder to see if they advance. Nice Movement on them.

Has anyone been playing them?

Any tips or thoughts welcome.