Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I am really getting into the swing of things now. I had a great email from the Darktemplar last night that inspired me to get stuck into the creation of a scoreboard.

It's funny when you apply the mind to a problem so many possibilities gush forth. I had all kinds of complex ideas but in the end went for the simple solution. Its basically a cardboard box, sprayed black. I printed out the Orcland Raider logo and pasted it to the box, a couple of tooth picks are stuck in to hang the scores from and then the metal plates with the scores are actually plastic card.

Incredibly simple but a cool addition.

Also my Orc Coach model arrived a few days back and I have been slowly painting him up. I love the model especially the coat.

So here I am - Coach Bullcher in all my glory. I have finally made in to the touchline.

I trust that I will be a true inspiration for the next Raiders match.

The funny thing is that he is the largest model that I have painted in a while :-)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


The Darktemplar has been busy deploying skill graphic design skills to come up with some sponsors that have an Orcy flavour.

Very tasty but be warned it comes with a lot of sugar, or so I'm told.

We also have: -

All good fun.

I feel an advertising hoarding coming on :-)

Team Mascot

The figures just get smaller and smaller. I give you 'Maximus the Rat Catcher' i.e. the wee plastic snotling I found in the bits box.

He is sooooo tiny. Not much bigger than the dice really but I have enjoyed painting him. I have decided that he will be the team mascot and as such lead the Raiders out on match day. In the mean time he can help keep the new dugout a 'rat free' zone.

God alone knows where the model came from. I don't remember him at all.

I have also been working on the goblin whose task it is to carry around McMourning tools of the trade. The funny thing about this model is the level of detail that it contains. It is really not visible until you start to apply paint.

His right knee is poking through the trousers and his bandaged feet are exposed. I have named him 'Two Toes' as thats all he has on the left foot.

I love his facial expression. That resigned, woe is me kind of look.

He is carrying a tray full of tools including a good looking 'choppa'. Very important for those jobs in the 'Dead' area. He also has a syringe tucked into his belt. Must have been helping out the Nurses in the 'KO'd' area. A cool little chappie indeed.

Dugout in position

Over night I managed to get some paint on the rat and snotling so that everything associated with the dugout has some paint on it now.

This is it in position with the Skaven running out onto the field of play. Referee to the left - he he - he needs to watch his step, having sent off one of the Skaven in the last game!

I have been working on a tiled floor and this is now in the Reserves area. Its basically a piece of card with squares drawn on to it and then painted. It was very fiddley and took ages.

Anyway I am happy with it as it stands.

I still have lots to do it terms of washes and highlights. I will work on these over the next few evenings and it will be ready for Sunday. Lets hope I have no cause to use it!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Spikey bits and paint for the Dugout

Well the 'dugout' is coming along nicely. I thought the time was right to add some spiky bits - lumps of metal and other odds and sods.

I went for some protruding girders and then put three symbols at the back - the skull being the Dead area, the spanner being 'KO'd' / under repair and the remaining symbol bring the standard 'up for a fight' type found in most orc armies is for 'Reserves'.

I went for a stone floor in the centre, a sawdust / sand type in the Dead area and I have left the reserves alone.

The next thing to do was to get some paint on there.

So what colour does an Orc like - well red of course - makes them go faster.

I applied a dull red to the whole thing. The aim will be for the features to be eye catching against this flat background.

A 'dirty' yellow is the main Raider colour so it is applied to the features.

I also applied some base colour to the 'furniture'.

I still have work to do with washes and highlights. I also have some models to paint - the rat and the snotling in particular.

I ordered a 'coach' model from Heresy and it has arrived. I love his coat! Well as it represents me - 'my' coat ;-)

I have yet to assemble and paint but am looking forward to that.

I could also do with some cheerleaders - but that will have to wait. I am not really liking the the standard orc models but am keeping my eyes open on ebay in case something comes along.

Roll on this Sunday for the Skaven v's The Undead. The Dark Templar has been busy with his own project dugout. I am very impressed. I am certain this will be looking outstanding on the day. I just hope he gets the chance to try out all the areas - especially the 'Dead' area - lol.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dugout Progress

Last night I took the plunge and delved deep into the garage to find the Ork bits boxes. You just never know what is going to be in  there. Whilst I was at it I went way back in time to also find the Necromunda bits box. Success all round.

So much stuff to sift though. Brought back great memories. I do like a bits box or two.

I found a neat water barrel for the 'Reserves' area.

For the 'KO'd' area I found that rat I was looking for, and he fits under the table nicely, and a really old snotling model to chase him with a stick :-)

And for the 'Dead' area, a really neat find was a goblin to carry Mc Mournings knifes.

I am getting really excited at the prospects evolving here.

I have started on a tiled floor for the Dead area. I used the paving slab layout on my patio as the template. I drew the whole thing out and have then cut where the grout might be.

Starting to get really fiddly - I may be a bit too ambitious here ..... but lets see.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Furniture Building for the Dugout

Well a productive morning as I stepped into the world of furniture making. I have never done this before so it was interesting to say the least. I started by making a few coffin lids for the 'Dead' area. Had to go for a couple of different sizes - got to get the practicalities right. ;-)

I used card for this. Then I thought that I would need a bench for the reserves area. More card and then some cut down match sticks for the legs.

This got my confidence going so I gave one of the coffins some sides and am pleased with how it is looking. All very intricate but worthwhile. I went for the larger size as those Mummies will be needing somewhere to lay down. They seem to spend a lot of time in the 'Dead' area - usually self inflicted!

Finally, I was feeling particularly brave and tried to make a table. Well McMourning was going to need somewhere to do his cutting. More card and matchsticks and I had something. So I made another for the 'KO'd' area. Something to lay down on whilst those nurses get to work with their needles. I hope it all holds together. I have caked it with glue - both super glue and PVA. I suppose I could try bracing the legs of the table - we'll see. I am thinking the one in the 'KO'd' area could be more of a bed whilst the one in the 'Dead' area could have a metallic finish - easier to wash away the blood ;-)

It is coming along nicely. I will need to think about the walls, floor and other bits next. The PVA that I plastered on the walls has taken some of the grain out of the timber - but not all.

I may even pay a visit to Hobbycraft to see if there is anything there that might be useful. I am nearly out of PVA glue.

I am also thinking that it would be nice to have a few small surprises in there somewhere. I was thinking back to my Necromunda days and I think I might have a few rats and spiders somewhere. They might be a bit big. I will have a search. A goblin chasing a rat out of the corner of the Dead area might be funny.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Da Boyz are on the scrounge

Having had a little bit of time to think things through I have decided to build an Orc dugout. With this in mind Da Boyz were sent out to scour the surrounding area for suitable pieces of debris to act as construction materials.

This is a little folly that I put together some time ago. At the time I was enjoying Warhammer 40k and my Orks were going through a phase of playing against the Dark Templars Blood Angels. We agreed to build a couple of objectives so this was my offering called 'Disassembling a Rhino'.

The thing about scrounging is that it is important to look everywhere.

You just never know what you might find.

And good teamwork is always important.

Anyway - that was just a bit of fun.

I have done a bit more work on the dugout itself by applying a load of PVA. The aim is to smooth out the surfaces before paint application.

I have been fairly liberal in turns of application. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, once dry. I am doing the surface separately so that they get a chance to dry out when in the horizontal position. This is the first piece of terrain that I have built for a very long time and I am enjoying it.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blood Bowl Dugout Construction

Hello there sports fans.

I have been looking at some of the online Blood Bowl games thanks to Youtube. It is great to see the variety that can be brought to the games by hosting them in different venues. I got to thinking about what an Orc stadium might be like, or a Skaven one for that matter.

It seems to me that what surrounds the pitch gives the atmosphere. The cheering fans, the cheerleaders and coaches - its all part of it.

The obvious place to start is probably the dugout. I has a rummage around in the garage and shed to see if I had any suitable materials. I 'dug out (excuse the pun) a few tools and before I knew it I was off and running. Measuring and marking, cutting and nailing. I give you my new dugout.

Now the big question is - Orc or Skaven? Either way I think it would be good if it looked like a stone construction of some kind . Emmm. I think I need to do some planning.

If I went the Skaven route - I could maybe do something with a sewer theme, pipes and drains and stuff.

For the Orcs I think lots of spiky bits with slabs of iron plate.

Oh the muse is upon me......the question is where will it take me. He he.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skaven after game 1

Thanks for all the really helpful comments and advice.

I have gone with Block for Plagric. I can see that this is the best way to start.

I have had a chance to look at what else happened during the game.

1. My fan factor went down from 5 to 4. This is going to make it difficult to benefit from the FAME modifier in the next few games, which could dampen the cash flows.

2. I didn't roll well at the end for financial reward. But still I had £60k to spend and so have invested in a new Lineman (£50k). As I have learned I am a bit squishy so this should help keep me at full strength for a time.

3. Both my Blitzers gained a casualty and therefore 2 - SPP's. This is a good steady start and puts them in a good place to maybe benefit from a skill after the next game. Their Blocking was very effective and I used them with the Linemen to do some chain blocking to really move around the opposition. I was lucky with some high doubles when rolling for Armour and Injury. Not complaining about this as it gets the Skaven off to a good team building start. I have been thinking Mighty Blow / Tackle for these guys but still more reading to do.

4. A second Gutter Runner scored a touchdown which gives him 3 SPP's. Again this means he has potential to skill up after the next game with potential to head in the Wrestle / Strip Ball direction.

5. Plagric actually gained 9 SPP's. An excellent start for him. I have given him Block as the skill upgrade but importantly he is well on his way towards the next potential skill at 15. If he does anything at all in game 2 and gets MVP (worth 5 SPP's) he will be there. Tackle is awaiting this outcome.

6. Finally - one of the Linemen also scored a casualty for 2 SPP's. I was thinking that if he could get to 5 SPP's I might give him Kick. This would mean a more accurate ball placement after kick off.

I have learned a lot in Game 1. The Skaven have a completely different 'feel' to the Orcs. I think that I will need another couple of games with them to really get into my stride. They are all about movement. The key seems to be to do what is necessary to achieve that movement and only at that stage do other stuff. Open holes, move through and then do other blocks / dodging / whatever.

The dice are your friends but can be fickle. Don't over use them and expect that they will go on forever. ;-)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Skilling up a Gutter Runner

We had a great game yesterday. Fabulous fun. See the Dark Templar's battle report here The outcome is that one of my Gutter Runners, Plagric Carbunkle, has a new skill. Seen below scoring a touchdown.

I have done a little reading and there is a lot of mixed advice about skilling up. The Gutter Runners have access to General and Agility - doubles give access to Strength, Passing and Mutation. Some of the mutations look good - Big Hand - yum. Ignore enemy tackle zones when picking the ball up... I love the idea.

My own thoughts are as follows: -

1. Sure Hands(G) - When my Thrower went off during the game I became anxious about my ability to the pick the ball up. I think that it would be good to have a second player in the team who can perform this action. Sure Hands gives me a free re-roll when performing that action - and rerolls can be 'gold' in this fickle game. I think that Plagric could also be the one to follow up when I successfully force a bouncing ball. With his MA of 9, he could nip in with a good chance of picking the ball up and be away - quick as a flash.

2. Block (G) - This is another option. The Gutter Runners are not in possession of good armour thudding make them susceptible to injury. Anything that prevents them being knocked down and taking armour rolls has got to be good. The Block skill would be very helpful in that regard.

3. Wrestle (G) - This kicks in when 'both players down' is rolled. Here players are placed in the prone position but no armour rolls are made. Also there is no turnover. So again this is protection from making armour rolls.

4. Sprint (A) - This has also some potential. The 'going for it' opportunity is increased from 2 to 3. So that is an MA of 9 plus a potential 3 further squares = 12 in total. If that could be combined with 'Sure Feet (A)' giving a reroll when 'going for it' then the odds shift towards its regular use. But would I need it that often? They are very fast anyway.

5. Catch (A) - This gives a reroll to when catching the ball. It also applies to handoffs and interceptions. That could be great. This would allow Plagric to be used as the main receiving target down field or he could be the one to stick with the Thrower and then when the time is right accept a hand off before setting off for the end zone. When defending I would look to be in position to intercept. Imagine this with Pass Block (G) when you can move up to 3 squares to a position to intercept - with a reroll!

The main advice seems to be that each Gutter Runner should be advanced differently and as always spread the SPP's around because with that low armour you might just die!

There are just lots of options. As usual all thoughts and advice gratefully received.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Skaven & Dark Elves clash!

And so it came to pass that the Boomtown Rats commenced their Blood Bowl season. A hugely eventful match that finished with a 2-2 draw and a very unhappy Dark Elf coach. For myself, well I laughed and cried in equal measure and in the end was delighted to get away with draw.

The new ref had a quiet word with the captains and we were ready to go.

The skaven started by receiving the ball. We rolled a 'Quick Snap' on the kick off table and I was instantly on the front foot. I could move my guys one square before the start of the game. I advanced over the 'line of scrimmage' to make the most of the pressure.

I picked up the ball with my Thrower. Opened up some gaps in the defensive line and moved a Gutter Runner and Blitzer into a good position down the right flank.

I was ready to score the first touchdown of the game but ........ I just couldn't resist the opportunity to foul before letting fly.

2D6 and I roll 5-5, a double. Oh My God! The referee had spotted the foul and sent my Lineman off. The ref, my new ref...... how could he. It was only Turn 3 and already I was down a man. It was also a turnover so no opportunity to Throw. I had really messed up.

The Dark Elves came pouring through and compounded my problems by inflicting the first 'casualty' of the game. Those new coloured Block dice were working fine and McMourning got to play with my number 10.

I was in big trouble now. Two men down and feeling the pressure.

Up stepped the Dark Elf, Adin Heartrender with the AG of 5 to dance his way through the Skaven tackle zones causing chaos, the ball dropped, he picks it up - this just can't be happening

 He then dances away, ready to go in for a score.

I stupidly tried to get something out of the situation by pushing a Dark Elf into the crowd. I failed and then found my own Thrower on the receiving end of this tactic.

So after a good start I should have been ahead and instead I am 0-1 down with 2 men off the field and my Thrower in the crowd. I was starting to feel like this was going to be a long day at the office.

After the next 'kick off' I play the refused flank tactic to take a lot of the Dark Elves out of the game. I gave the ball to one of my 'Gutter Runners', Plagric Carbunkle. My 'Blockers' and 'Linemen' did their job, caused a couple of casualties of their own and opened up a gap on the left hand side of the line. The remaining 'Gutter Runners' spilled through. It was looking good. The number of players was balancing out and I might be on for a score.

I 'Threw' the ball, successfully. I 'Caught' the ball successfully. Very exciting stuff. All I needed was one successful 'Dodge' roll and I would be in for a score.


My Gutter Runner who has the Dodge skill - feel over, dropped the ball and caused a 'turnover'. Noooooooooo!!

The Darkblades had 2 turns left to score for a second time.

The excitement level was through the ceiling. The Darktemplar was on the verge of greatness and really putting the game beyond reach. He picked the up the ball and advanced to a position from which the ball could be thrown on the final turn of the half.

He was determined that no body was going to get in the way and carefully assembled his cage for maximum protection. With all the focus on protecting the ball a major mistake was made - no body was left close enough to the end zone to receive the ball in final turn. A major error indeed and so the half finished with the Darkblades 0-1 ahead.

It was time for Pizza!

This one half had been amazing with much more action than any of the previous games. We were both buzzing. I knew I had made some big blunders and my dice rolling was also letting me down I should have had 2 touchdowns and had none. But on the up side I should really be 0-2 down and I wasn't so there was hope.

My main problem in the second half was that I would be kicking away possession. I needed to get the ball and get a score on the board. So focus now!!

We set up. The ball scattered back close to the end zone and then we rolled on the Kick-off table. A 10 'Blitz', we read what it meant and I got a free turn of moving. Yippie!! Well I could have exploded from the laughter. Just what I needed!

I threw the Gutter Runners forward through the gaps on either side of the pitch. I even got my Thrower (newly returned to the field of play) in on the act by Blitzing a Blitzer to force a gap for himself. It was hilarious, I kid you not. (At least it was from my perspective). The Dark Templar knew that he should have had the game well beyond me and was feeling the pressure that four free running Gutter Runners came bring to bear.

He moved super star Adin Heartrender in to collect the ball. This was done successfully. However cage creation was impossible as he was too far into his own half. He was vulnerable. To compound things I started my turn by Blocking on the line of scrimmage to devastating effect, causing 2 casualties, before mugging Adin Heartrender, capturing the ball and going in for a score! Plagric Carbunkle the scorer.

My mirth was effervescent. The Dark Templar couldn't believe what was happening. From an almost unassailable position we were now level and he had 4 men in the Dead pile.

The Dark elves now received the ball, formed a cage

and blasted their way through for a well taken score.

And finally there was just enough time for me to do the same. My Thrower moved around in the pocket

But 2 Blitzers managed to get to at him with a well planned Blitz move. I spilled the ball.

However my Gutter Runner nipped in, picked the ball up and was away to for a touchdown as part of the final turn.

What a hugely eventful day. Overall I scored 2 touchdowns, caused 3 casualties and completed a successful pass. The MVP was my Gutter Runner Plagric Carbunkle (no. 1) with a successful Pass and a TD of his own. We rolled for him and he will get a new skill. I also have £60k to spend. Plagric - a name to be remembered and feared for the future.

Thanks to the Dark Templar for being a great sport and contributing to a great days fun and merriment. Now I need to read up on skill allocation....

Friday, 17 January 2014


Well tomorrow is the big day. We have a visit from the Dark Elf Darkblades in the morning. Preparations are going well and my Boomtown Rats are numbered and ready.

Bearing in mind the dirty fouling tactics adopted in the first Darkblades game I thought it best to bring in a referee. She would be perfect but ... they don't make her for Blood Bowl :-(

Yet another visit to ebay and I found one. A dwarf. He arrived at lunch time so I have quickly thrown some paint on him and he is starting to come together.

When he first emerged from the pack it was hard to see what I was going to do with him. He is so small.

I had a look at the Games Workshop site and found this.

A stunning paint job. How do people achieve such excellent results on such small models? I am 'Impressed' of Tunbridge Wells!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

All Patched Up

So this is how it is going to work.

If you enter the 'Reserves' box little miss 'pretty in pink' will mop your brow and rub you leg to encourage a full recovery before rejoining the action.

If you get 'Knocked Out' you will need a little more attention. Bring on the sexy nurses with the big needles!

And if you are 'Dead', well who cares at that point? Let Mc Morning get to work. He does look eager!

The next big game is on Saturday. The Boomtown Rats will launch themselves into the Blood Bowl league. Painting has been going well and the roster is set. Bring on the fun, fun, fun.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Two Worlds Collide

Is there a doctor in the house? The Blood Bowl Skaven team, the Boomtown Rats, were in need. The roster was prepared and an Apothecary was needed. As a rat your natural inclination is to head to the sewers and see what can be found.

Well in the world of Malifaux the sewers hold a lot of secrets, all your answers can be found if you know where to look.

McMourning and his selection of Nurses have all the skills.

After some negotiation it looks like they will be in the dugout for the next Blood Bowl match.

Anyone ending up under McMournings knife had better pray that the great god Nuffle is their corner!!

McMourning and the Skaven - a match made in ......

Monday, 6 January 2014

Blood Bowl Skaven Team

I have now managed to get some paint on all the Skaven models that I own. I currently have: -

1 Rat Ogre
1 Kicker
1 Thrower
2 Blitzers
4 Gutter runners
7 Linemen

That should be plenty to get me going. I seem to remember that mutations play a part for Skaven but I will look at that later.

In terms of a team I have done a little reading and listened to the comments so far on the blog. This is my first stab.

So that is 4 Gutter runners, 2 Blitzers, 1 Thrower, 4 Linemen and the Apothecary.

What I have learned from the Orcs is that the Big Guys are not as powerful as they once were. Predictability is better during play. The good thing about the proposed list is that a lot of the players have 'skills' from the beginning. This has been a crucial factor in the games played over the Christmas. Also with all my Blitzers and Gutter Runners on the board early they get a chance to pick up SPP's.

In the back of my mind I am wondering if 4 Gutter Runners is too many .... maybe another Thrower emmmm?

The Blitzers come with Block, the Gutter Runners have Dodge and the Thrower has Sure Hands and Pass. I see the Linemen as holding players, getting in the way and slowing down the opposition. The Thrower will be the person to pick the ball up and carry. The Blitzers will be the ones opening up holes in the defence and the Gutter Runners will be Dodging their way around the field of play using that amazing MA of 9. No Rat Ogre from the start. That will have to come later. I did manage to squeeze in an Apothecary though. He may well be needed from the beginning!