Friday, 20 June 2014

The Gathering is a pace - The Boyz

In preparation for the 7th Edition Codex I have been getting the boyz out and enjoying the experience. So here is a quick fly through whats available.

Just by way of a quick history lesson (and I only learned this today) - it turns out that Orks are a genetically engineered race. They were created by the a long vanished race called the Brain Boyz to deal with the Necron menace. Apparently the snotling are the last degenerate remnant of the Brain Boys. Now isn't that just very funny.

I have three standard mobs of Boyz. The first are the the 'Grrrrz' so named for the stripes on their jackets (Tigers ... ). These are my first unit and always fielded in every battle. My plan is to increase this unit in size to approximately 30 models so that I have real choice in terms of the models I field. This is my current project so the painting table is very busy.

The second are the 'Ilanders'. They take their inspiration from the various furs that adorn their kit. Over time this has been added to and after some clashes with Space Wolves they acquired shoulder pads as trophies. All carry axes and they stand out on the battlefield. Its important that the different units have identity as they are often fighting close together and you need to be able to tell which unit they are from.

The third mob are the 'Dakka Dakka' boyz. They can really lay down a field of fire. I don't play them as much as I should.

I have always played with a force that has some 'Ard Boyz. I love them and the increased armour means that they are great for holding objectives and the like. There was a time when you could take 3 burns with them - lovely, but alas no more.

My 'Ard Boyz are just the standard boyz but all wearing helmets and plenty of shoulder pads. For effect I have given them all back poles. It just increases the size of the models and makes them really outstanding on the battle field.

Their colour scheme was inspired by the painting of George Dellapina who did some fantastic paint jobs in the White Dwarf many years ago. He had a unique style and loved to clash bright colours. Painting these guys was my first time to really get into washes and highlights. There was no going back after that.

The Tank Bustas are a really fun mob to play. I just love the idea of loading up a squig with 'busta bomz' and letting him charge off to take out a vehicle. Its a little bit like playing fetch except of course the squiq doesn't come back ;-)

They can be a real threat and get lots of attention on the battlefield. If they can get in amongst the armour they will have a field day.

In the last few games I really enjoyed fielding a unit of Storm Boyz.

Having them appear in the middle of the battle can be great fun and the models are really excellent. Lots of facial expression. I love them a lot. Their colour scheme very much follows that of the 'Ard Boyz.

Another great addition was a squad of Kommandos. Having them skulking around the back of the enemy is a god send. They do like the rear armour of vehicles so this can give the opponent some real challenges.

I have come across a Kommando conversion kit on Forge World. I may find myself purchasing one of these soon ;-)

I also took to fielding a unit of Flash Gitz which can be very humorous. Their first couple of outings were an amazing success but there after not so much. They can be a bit 'squishy' and placement is everything.

Again the models are fabulous although the shoulder mounted gun looks really odd. The new models that are just out do look the business!! The nob even has a pirate hat - a nice nod to an older model!

I have various models with Rockets, Big Shoots and Burnas and therefore I can reorganise the Boyz to form other units to suit my needs.

You just gotta love the green skins!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Gathering

Its been a while since we have indulged in the pleasures of Warhammer 40k but with the new rules has come new models and this in turn brings temptation. I have been rummaging in the garage and rediscovering my love of Orks. So many unfinished projects, it is great and I am loving the paint table yet again.

The Dark Templar decided to build a new marine force to take on the threat posed by my Ork horde. I despair that it is the Imperial Fists he has chosen with all that bright yellow armour. It makes life really hard for my Kommandos.

Kommandos are supposed to be good at being 'cunin'. They sneak into position behind enemy lines causing chaos wherever they go. The trouble is that they lack subtlety. Here is a prime example - my Kommando Nob puffing away on a large cigar whilst a chattering gretchin plays with sticks of dynamite. No subtlety!

So why are the Imperial Fists causing such a problem well ........

Its just that my guys insist on carrying trophies and that yellow is going to make it even harder to be successfully camouflaged!! He, he.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ork Walkers

I have paid a visit to the garage and started to unpack some of my Orks. Always a pleasure, never a chore. The beauty is that you forget some of the wonderful models that are in storage, you find unfinished projects and it gets the juices flowing.

I wanted to dig out the walkers and have a look at them. They were a joy to assemble and are packed with blades and spikes and all kinds of Orky goodness. I also needed to make sure that the paint scheme for the new Gorkanaut was tying in to the overall theme.

First out were the Killa Kans and Deff Dread. I spent quite a bit of time on them previously going with the Yellow jaw, red shoulder pads and then touches of blue. They were inspired by some fantastic painting in one of the old White Dwarf magazines. The first unit that I really spent time on was my 'Ard Boyz. The colour scheme started with them and has spread. It is loud, it is gaudy and that what makes it Ork'ish.

My Gorkanaut has been coming along nicely and was fitting in well. More red washes I think.

He has a bit more blue to him and I need to work on getting the yellow more 'dirty' and then add more defined horizontal stripes to the should pads but he is looking the part.

The Ork Stompa is still the biz though. I think I need to get some of the Goff black and white squares onto the Gorkanaut somewhere as well and maybe even a yellow panel or two.

They will look great on the battle field though. I have always been somewhat lucky with the walkers. My Deff Dread, 'Da Basha' to his friends has survived some 'hairy' situations and pulled off some amazing feats. This is his third incarnation. I still have the other two somewhere. I must see if I can drag them out and dust them down for old times sake. At the end of a battle it is good to have some bragging rights and 'Da Basha' has been the source of much 'Dark Templar' baiting over the years ;-) Long may this continue!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Gorkanaut assembly

I have had great fun assembling the new Gorkanaut. It is a great kit with lots to do and there are plenty of options to change the look of the beast.

This is what I went for in the end. A big Klaw on the right hand side with shoot shootas and that amazing looking gun on the left. There is an ork sitting behind the gun which is a nice detail and there is Dakka running out of every orphus.

The Klaw is a great piece of work. It is suitably huge and looks really 'meaty'. I could easily see it ripping hunks out of enemy tanks and transports.

I spent a few days getting some paint on and I am really enjoying the level of detail. I have gone with my usual Red, Yellow & Blue so that it will tie in with the rest of the army.

I went to town with the washes to really dirty the whole thing up and no doubt I will spend another few evening picking out detail here and there. I thought I would include a 'Painboy' in the picture to give a better idea of scale.

A monster addition, a fun build and a treat to paint.

It will be fun to get some of the other Ork pieces out of the garage and see them all together. I feel a Waaaagghh coming on.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


No no - its not my fault - you see it just kinda happened all on its own. My mouse hovered and I must have clicked and then the postman came and ...... and .........  ;-)

Its Ork time! Bring on the Gorkanaut!

Yes indeed, it has arrived and the kit is really cool. Lots to do and great options.

One will not be enough.