Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bringing the table to life

I have managed to get the board up and running. I was keen to see the new battle mat (urban ruins from deep cut studios) with some terrain in place. I had a good go through the garage and I actually have very little terrain, something to sort out in the near future I feel. However ....

I have a few craters that I painted up some time ago and the trusty collection of oil tank and associated barrels. Then there are a few lines of sandbags and a metal outpost dug into some earth.

Plane wreak
I have a crashed plane, from one of the starter box sets if I remember correctly, and a wreaked building  which was constructed by the Dark Templar. Also a few hills and trees.

Hills and trench line with pillar box
Finally I added a trench line with pillar box and another couple of hills and trees.

I have alway liked the crashed plane. I have painted some small details here and there and they stand out when playing.

This building has been the centre piece for many of our games. It is good because it significantly breaks line of sight and it has firing platforms at height making it a good location to place some heavy weapons.

I have realised that despite playing Orgs for many many years I have never made any Ork terrain. I will just had to rectify that! I feel a new project coming on. Two or three Ork pieces would give our games a very different feel.

Anyway the battle mat looks good and I can't wait to get a game on it.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

New playing surface - Urban Ruins!

I have been playing war games for about 30 years, at this stage. My first board was a painted sheet of hardboard and the dice bounced around on it with a loud clipped sound. After a short time I invested in a length of green baize which was a big improvement as this softened and quietened the dice rolling. This has been my playing surface for all that time. It is nearing the end of its life really.

I have had my eye on the 'mouse mat' type material. I really like the feel of it. No creases, rolls up neatly for storage and feels so good.

My most recent visit to Awdry Towers inspired me. The Congo board set-up was just spectacular and was completed by the swamp playing mat. I just couldn't resist anymore and paid Deep Cut Studios a visit. They have a good range, worth a look see. I really liked the look of the Urban Ruins mat and so I parted with some money. Excitement levels high!

Urban Ruins
It has arrived and it is spectacular. I just think that playing on it will be amazing.


I have my three 'objective' tokens prepared and ready for use. The first is called 'retrieving the comms module' the second is 'weapons cache' and the final one is just simply 'bombz'.

I have even been getting the dice used to the surface.

Ork dice roll

Yip indeed, an Ork table with Ork dice and an Ork dice roll. This is going to go soooooo well!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

A trip back in time

A day spent at Awdry Towers took us deep into the jungle. It was a completely immersive experience. Never has so much work gone into the preparation for a days gaming. The board, the models, the ideas it was simply amazing!! We were playing something completely new and as such we brought no models or dice or anything, just turn up and play. The game - CONGO - and it was a blast.

The Game
First off it is worth taking a look at Michaels blog to really get a look at the models we were using. They are simply stunning! This was complemented by amazing and bespoke terrain features and all played out on a neoprene battle mat of jungle design. Stunning. Just look at the skull rock below. There are vines and pots and dead bodies and.... The bits box at Awdry Towers is exceptional.

Terrain features
The central idea is that a 'white man' caravan is trudging through the jungle exploring as they go. They come across a giant ape and want to capture it. The natives have other ideas and set about the new comers.
Stunning detail
The models made the whole experience truly believable. I mean the chap above looks like he could walk across the table on his own.

The giant ape
The game mechanics are unique, at least they were for me. There is a combination of tokens, dice and cards. Easy to pick up and like anything it has layers once you get into it. It was a hugely enjoyable day and we got a couple of games in. One of the things I liked about it was when rolling the dice  all you needed was 5+ to be successful. The nice thing was that you could use D6, D8 and D10's in combination depending on the the skill of the character. No complicated tables. A really neat dynamic.

Ambushed by a spider
The pieces of terrain could be 'explored'. Basically when you go into the terrain different things could happen. This was cool and brought an 'edge' to the game. Michael had models for all the potential creatures that might be encountered. Really good fun.

Warthog attacks
We also had a handful of cards with different actions. For each round you selected three to play and discarded the others. Then the cards are played in order. This was a good mechanic because it made you think about what you wanted to happen and select the cards that would help you most. The difficult thing was actually making it happen in the game.

Restless natives
I had one of the best days ever when it came to dice rolling. I mean I was on fire!! I played the natives in the first game and pretty soon figured out that it was like playing Orks. So I thought that I would throw myself into it and thrash these funny looking white people. I went on the attack looking to overwhelm and just kept up the onslaught. I got myself into position and pounced. Everyone attacking at the same time. I giggled and taunted my way through the morning making loads and loads of 5+ rolls. At one point 8 5+ saves on D6 in a row! It is the Ork way!! It was amazing and I spanked the opposition and crowed my way through lunch, as you do.

Pygmy King - The Victorious
A magnificent day at Awdry Towers and a big thank you to Michael for hosting, and doing such a great job with both the models and the scenery. Well done sir!

Friday, 4 August 2017


We have noticed that there are a lot of objectives needed for the new 40k. A trip to the bits box got the juices going and I give you Gobbo the artist.

After the recent battle some of the Da Boyz returned to scene to pick over the remains. They luckily came across some unused bombz.

Da Bombz
With no Trukk Da Boyz decided to hide the bomb and hastily threw a shelter together that would hide the loot.

Da Hideout
Da bombz were quickly tucked away.

Hidden Stash
At this point Gobbo the grot came ambling up and so he was left in charge of the bombz until Da Boyz could find some transport.

No-one mentioned that this was a hide away. Gobbo thought it would be a good idea to make the place easy to find and so....

Gobbo the artist
painted a big Bombz sign on the side of the hide away. I sure hope that Da Boyz get back there quickly or someone else might just see that sign and then there will be trouble!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The green tide cometh!

Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition. I have decided that there is no point comparing it to previous editions. It is a new game with new rules and making backward looking comparisons is just a waste of time. Like any new game it takes a while to settle into its routine and once the basics have become natural you can begin to have fun with the combinations made possible by the new playing mechanics.

Last night we played our second game of 8th edition. This time we played battle forged armies and set the limit at 1000points. We used the command points for the first time and rolled on the table for mission and deployment style. My Orks v's the Dark Templar Marine salamanders. We played on a 4X4 table.

I kept my play style very simple and went with the 'green tide' Ork style. I just wanted to 'feel my way' into the game. We were strict with ourselves and followed the phasing very deliberately. This went really well and gave us structure.

1000 point Ork Army
I had 100 models on the table to the Dark Templars 24. He was intimidated for sure. I didn't take Ghazghkull nor did I take any Warbosses. I wanted to save them for another day. I did take a Painboy, Boss Zagstruck, Nob with Warbanner and my leader for the night a Weirdboy. I didn't take Da Jump again something for the future I took the more conservative Warpath instead. I just wanted to see how the boyz would do.

I had: -

30 boyz, nob with PK
30 boyz, nob with PK
15 boyz, nob with PK
20 stormboys, nob with PK

All this meant I did not have to remember lots of different Ork rules. I could settle into the game ruleset. This gave me a battalion detachment and 3 command points on top of the 3 you have as standard. I could have easily tweaked the list to also have a second battalion but again I kept it basic for this game.

Ork Set-up
I set the boyz up with a declined flank so leaving the left side clear.

The marines set-up in the middle of the board opposite. We alternated one squad at a time.

Marines set-up
The Dread was separated off to the left. This was done deliberately to take away landing areas from my Stormboyz. Good move DT.

I had the first turn and I advanced the green tide. The first thing to note here is that characters move separately and as such have to be rolled for separately so there can be some disconnect. This can be a problem if the boyz get away in front because you really want the buffs from the characters. I will need to think about this for the future. I think that greater care is needed in the set-up to make this unlikely. I had the characters behind the boyz, and the boyz were keen.

I went for it and brought in the Stormboyz on the left hand side 'declined' flank.

Stormboyz arrive
What a sweet sight. I advanced them and lost a couple guys doing that but this improved my charge chances. The charge was successful and I was in. I went for the 'first blood' victory point and completely destroyed the 6 man veteran squad before spreading out to entangle the other troops.

It felt great!

However there are lessons to learn. The Boss is not part of the squad and has to be rolled for separately. I had him attack a different target, the Razorback. This was a mistake and I nearly lost him. In future I would declare the charge against two units and this would give him protection. I would also put him against troops.

I also note that everyone gets an extra attack if there are more than 20 models so in future I will always take a larger unit that can afford to lose a few guys and still retain this advantage. Probably take the full 30.

Positioning before and after the 3" secondary move is really essential so that everyone gets tied up. I am going to have to really think about this. I was lucky in that I did tie up all the units but I very nearly didn't succeed in this aim.

Stormboyz in action
Had the Boss gone against the marines and had I got 20 additional attacks because the squad was the right size I could have been much more devastating. I declared all the boyz against the six man squad and could have killed 12 marines with the result, a waste. I should have split the attacks and taken the additional overwatch. There are real lessons to learn here.

I could support this chaos with some Kommando's or indeed some fast attack buggies or ..... there are options and many of them to consider but it would to great to feel some more help arriving before the boyz finally make it.

The boyz arrive
And make it they did! They were buffed by the Warbanner and the Weirdboy's Warpath giving +1 attack and +1 to hit. I didn't get them all into the action I would guess at least 10 - 15 had no attacks and this was just a big mistake. They get 2 attacks normal ,+1 for the choppa, +1 for Warpath, that's four and the PK was in the wrong place - idiot - and both the nob with Warbanner and the Wierdboy had fallen behind and could'n't charge and the Painboy had been mugged because of the same problem. Just silly stuff. But missing out on 40 attacks and not getting the characters in was crazy. Note to self - learn from this experience.

Anyway - I missed the opportunity to smash all before me. Too many errors in both set-up and tactics. The marines held on and in the end the only two people left on the field were both the marine characters.

I was delighted for the Dark Templar. He fought stoutly and just inched his way into the winning position. It was a great night and the game is definitely fun to play. Congrats to the DT and my Wierdboy will be getting a yellow streak on his cloak to remember his actions on this night ;-)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ghazghkull in Da House

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka (Ghaz to his mates) strode across the broken piles of mechanisation that had once been the advance party of the Dark Templar Marines. Broken pieces of Annihilator, crushed under the weight of his boots. Ghazghkull was here and this could only mean one thing....

Ghazghkull Thrakka

The new Space Marine Codex comes out on Saturday. There will be marines to kill - Oh Yes.

I do hope you all appreciate my take on Dark Templar purple, and I can confirm that Annihilator's make such wonderful 'door mats'!

Friday, 21 July 2017

A very Orky project - Da Grotz

The word was out. The latest Ork innovation had been a tremendous success. Oh yes, the Usain Bolt's of the Gretchin world had been let loose and they had given the Squig's a run for their money. A new breed of Kamikaze Grot was now a major part of the Loota's arsenal.

In our latest game I was found wanting as I only have two Squig models. I love them both but I needed six. As a temporary measure, I swapped in four gretchin models and I was good to go. The Dark Templar thought this was good fun and suggested - "That can be your next project, Kamokaze Grot's". A fabulous idea and as soon as the game was over I scurried off to the 'Bitz' box to see what I could unearth. I am seldom disappointed by the famous 'Bitz' box.

I identified suitable gretchin models and went in search of some big old bombs to strap on their backs. It wasn't long before I was gluing stuff together and giggling as the assembly took shape. I do love this hobby.

So after much work and merriment I can now present my first four Kamokaze Grot's! They are coming along nicely and bring a huge smile to the face.

Da Grotz
An they do look good on the board :-)

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Its choppa time!

Last night we played our first game of Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition. The Dark Templar brought his infamous Dark Templar marines to the table and I dusted off my trusty Orks. He has been building this army for as long as I have known him.

My Orks
I brought 30 Boyz, 30 Stormboyz, 15 Lootas in a Battlewagon along with a Warboss. Nothing complicated so that we could get a feel for the game.

It wasn't long before I was using my chopper like a can opener on those lovely shiny marines.

30 Stormboyz will make a mess alright
To be fair we were just messing around. This is not the 40k we are used to at all! We were learning the new rules and unlearning everything we thought we knew and still making tonnes of errors. Our dice rolling was also shockingly poor, I mean seriously!

It was good fun but it did feel odd.

A picture speaks a thousand words
 How did it work out? Take a good look at the picture and judge for yourself. A satisfactory collection of heads to be sure.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Deff Rolla

I have spent some time looking at some of the heavy metal options for the Orks. I do like a big bit of kit on the table and for whatever reason I seem to have a lot of good luck using them in game especially the Deff Dread.

However a particular option for the Battlewagon has caught my eye and it feels like a proper Ork addition to a vehicle - the Deff Rolla!

Deff Rolla
In the 8th Edition the Battlewagon has a WS and can therefore get stuck into Melee. Now there is a big change! So what can it do?

It has a WS of 5+ so a bit crap, it will need to roll 5 or above to hit. On the up side it has a S8 and 6 attacks. All in all, not great. Until you read the Deff Rolla rules. It has the Strength of the User, in this case 8, AP-2 and you add 3 to the hit rolls.....what?!

So now you get 6 attacks, hitting on a 2+ with a Strength of 8 so that it is double most infantry Toughness meaning 2+ to wound and AP-2 significantly reduces the armour save. Even against marines that is some serious damage. 6 Attacks needing 2+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound and armour save of 5+.

I think I need to get me one of these beauties! Bitz Box here I come.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

8th Edition Tankbustas

As those that know me will testify, I just love the Tankbastas. I love the very idea of them. They want to go out there and maul vehicles. It is so understandable and just so Orky! They have rokkits and rokkit pistols and tank hammers and bombs of every sort and of course my real favourite Squig bombs!

The Best!
There can be 15 boyz in the unit and you can add 2 squig bombs for every 5 boyz. The boyz are all armed with S8 Rokkit Launchas. They can swap in close combat stuff but I prefer to attack from distance. As usual the downside here is the BS of 5 meaning you need 5+ to hit. So that is an average of 5 hits per turn for the 15 boyz probably needing 3+ to wound but....

Each squig bomb, and there are six, has a BS of 2 and a range of 18". They are single use as explode  with the bomb. They have S8, AP-2 and D6 damage. Now that is pretty cool indeed and their deaths are ignored for the purposes of morale.

If we close the distance to the target the boyz can use Tankbusta Bombs with R6", Grenade D3, S8, AP-2 and D D6. Not bad for Orks and the D3 grenade is a big help to increase the volume of hits as is the D6 damage, especially against multi wound vehicles.

Da Boyz
The unit also benefits from 'Ere we go (re-roll failed charge rolls) and Mob Rule (use the leadership characteristic of any unit within 6")

The thing that really sets them apart though is the Tank Hunters rule. This means that they can  re-roll failed hit rolls when attacking vehicles. Oh yes indeedy folks. This really gives them an edge. In effect it doubles the number of hits achievable.

And for the Squigs .... they hit on a 2+ with a re-roll. In my book that is six guaranteed hits then. For shooting this is as good as it gets!

Now just imagine that there is a particular vehicle that you really want to take out. Weirdboy use Da Jump to move the Tankbustas within 9". Deploy the Bomb Squigs and throw the Tank Busta bombs. So what are we talking as averages against a T7 vehicle?

Bomb Squigs - 6 hits needing 3+ to wound so that is 4 wounds D6 should make it 12 and AP-2 should mean only a 6 will save so with 2 saves that is 10 wounds.

Tankbusta bombs - 5 hits, re-roll the 10 miss's another 3 hits, thats 8, D3 grenade should make it 16 hits needing 3+ to wound call that 10 wounds, D6 should make it 30 and AP-2 should mean only a 6 will save so with 5 saves that is 25 wounds.

In summary - No more vehicle - it is merely a pile of smoking metal with some very happy Tankbusta Boyz standing nearby taking selfies.

Friday, 23 June 2017

8th Edition Loota's

It is a well known fact that Orks are CRAP at shooting. BS of 5 so needing 5+ to hit after which you have to Wound and then the opposing unit gets a chance to make armour saves. The math tell you that this does not add up to much damage.

So how on earth do you get to lay down some serious ranged damage. May I have the pleasure of introducing the Ork Loota.

The unit can include 15 Loota's They are armed with Deffguns with R48", Heavy D3, S7, AP-1 and D2.

Things to note: -
1) 48" range. You can stand outside the range of most opposing units and still be effective. This is an important advantage.

2) Heavy, D3. You roll one dice and apply the outcome to the entire unit. So you will have either 15 shots, 30 shots or 45 shots. Volume baby. Likely 33% hit so 5, 10 or 15 hits. Lady luck will have play her part. Heavy makes the unit static so consideration can be given to put the unit in a transport for added mobility and protection. Likely a Battle Wagon to optimise the number of troops in the unit.

3) S7 so when to hit you are likely to be doing damage. Probably wounding on 3+, 66%.

4) D2 so that is doubling the damage if the target has multiple wounds.

5)AP-1 reduces the armour save by one.

That is some tasty output.

Up to 3 Loota's can be replaced with Spanner's. Spanners come with the Mekaniak special rule that allows them to repair a vehicle would once per turn. So it might be worth swapping out one of the Lootas for a Spanner. Bearing in mind that we want these guys operating from distance consideration could be given to arming him with a Souped-up-weapon. Maybe a Kustom Mega Blasta with R24", Assault 1, S8, AP-3, D D3. I think I would likely stick with the Loota's myself.

I think it is safe to say that many an Ork general will be including some Lootas.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Da Boyz are back in town - WAAAAAAGH!

This blog started as a Waaaaagh so this brings us full circle.

It had to happen, the 8th edition has been published and I have been to get my copy. So what does it mean for the green skins? It's all change in the 40k world but is it a good thing? 7th edition was a disaster for Orks. They were pretty unplayable. These are my first thoughts on the new rules.

My beloved 'Ard Boyz are gone. They have been a mainstay for years and, if I am reading the codex right, they the are gone. RIP. They were the first thing I went looking for. Downhearted, I flicked on through the pages. Things got better, much better.....

Da Boyz
First up, Da Boyz are now S4 and I like it.

The Mob Rule ability means that the units can use the number of models in the unit instead Leadership for morale. The allowable unit size is up to 30 so this is encouraging the Green Tide. We can be Fearless again. Superb!

Note all template weapons are gone from the game so no need for all that spacing out Da Boyz to maximise the 2" allowable gap. Much better for the green skins and for playing generally.

Move is reduced to 5", boo hiss. There is now an Advance option where the unit can move forward a further D6". Charge is a 2D6 test and the 'Ere We Go ability allows this to be re-rolled. There is a 3" Piling In allowance and a Heroic Intervention allowance of 3" for Characters.

So basically move 5", Advance D6 say 3" (8" total), Charge 2D6, with re-rolls, should be 8" (16" total), to Move within 1" of the enemy (17" total) then everything else comes Piling In and uses Heroic Intervention for characters. Yip - that is potentially a good long way!

Disembarking vehicles has to be done before the vehicle moves. So no more racing Da Boyz forward in Trukks and jumping out for some choppa fun. Alternatives need to be found.

Wierdboyz can now choose their Power of Waaagh discipline. Da Jump is a real possibility as a unit can be moved to within 9" of the enemy.

Stormboyz are interesting too. They have a 12" move. They can Advance and Charge the same turn (with some downside but ...). They also have 'Ere we Go and Mob Rule. Upto 30 in a unit. Gosh. So using 12" instead of 5" above thats 24" total. Potential to be in combat during the first turn.

Kommandos can sneak in behind the enemy. He, he. I have used this to my advantage before.

When it is all done units can Consolidate a further 3" towards the enemy.

I have been having a look through the latest fight rules the first thing that strikes is that Initiative is gone so Da Boyz can hit first when they charge. A proper first for Orks. Yipee!

Overwatch is still a pain, but such is life.

And so to dice......Da Boyz get 2 attacks, plus an attack for using a Choppa (3A's), plus an attack for Green Tide (being more than 20 models in the unit) (4A's), A Wierdboy with Warpath plus another attack (5A's), add Ghazghkull Thraka with his Great Waagh so Da Boyz can Advance and Charge in the same turn and you also get plus one attack for every model in the unit (6A's). I am making that 180 attacks plus the extra ones for Nobs and Boss's etc. Throw in a Waagh Banner and you get plus one to the hit rolls. I mean seriously! (not sure how this will work out points wise but even the thought of it.....)

I think I am going need some more dice and a bloody big bucket to throw them :-)

I am also going to need more models and I just never thought that would be the case with all the Orks currently in my possession.

Da Boys are back in town - Waaaaaagh!!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Monty Python - a day out with Zombicide Black Plague

A day of fun and frolics and all in the name of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A little light background information for those that need some prompting. 'Run away' goes the cry. Myself and the Dark Templar paid a visit to Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare fame.

I played 'lucky' Tim the Enchanter and Sir Galahad.

Tim the Enchanter and Sir Galahad
The models are Michael's pride and joy and it was his idea to substitute for the Black Plague models. What things of beauty they are. We partnered them with the appropriate cards from Zombicide Black Plague and we were good to go.
The rest of the crew
For those with a good eye you might want to check out Michael's post when they were shown to the world. Some lovely pictures of each model that really does his paint job justice. Arthur king of britons and One, Two ... Five.

Back to back
The models were a joy to play with and soon we were taking down zombies, runners and everything that the game could throw at us.
Sir Galahad standing tall
We blew the first game. Entirely too confident and full of mirth and risk takings we hit the reset button started again. This time we proceeded with a little more caution and began to 'tool up'. We laughed and joked and got stuck in.

A line of Abominations
We were playing multiple abominations and multiple necromancers and they just seemed to come all at once. Truly amazing.

We stuck to our task racking up the kills. Tim managed to get the Earthquake spell, which was new to me. The spell allows you to knock over all actors in a square such that they lose their next activation. Huge impact! I loved it. 
Sir Lancelot at work
Sir Lancelot was the hero though. He ventured out to take on the abominations which were worth 5 points each and so he soared towards Ultra Red.

By the end we were just having so much fun and when we did hit Ultra Red it was like someone had turned on a fire hose of zombies. We even thought we were going to run out of models at one stage. We didn't and finally we completed the mission.

A fabulous day out. A huge thank you to Michael. 

The Dark Templar has got a load more survivors that arrived in the post and I can't wait to try them out. But that is for next time....

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Quest 7 - Blood Red - AGAIN

Yes its true we appeared to have met our match. Last week we played this quest and failed. We just couldn't figure out how it was possible to achieve a win. So the DT retired to the rule book. We had been playing with all 36 Necromancers instead of just 6! Whilst this may have made us 'hardcore' it definitely explained the loss.

So this week would be different! Now we know the rules and have discussed the quest and examined our options. This week would be different. We dealt the survivors randomly only accepting ones that we had not played recently. The aim of the game is to get all the survivors to Ultra Red! Thats a lot of killing.

Things started well. We moved forward and opened a building and started searching. Some decent weapons began to appear. We even got a torch and passed it around, as you do. Then for the first time ever the Abominarat appeared. When it enters the game it is one zone away from the noisiest square. Big surprise for Gregoire and Lord Bazak!!!

Abominarat appears
Luckily, we were up to the task and really felt like we had dodged a bullet. We pushed on and then the Ablobination made a return. His long reach makes him dangerous.

Ablobiation enters the fray
Armed with the Vampiric Crossbow Lord Bazak dealt with the threat from range. This was quickly followed by the first entry of the Abominotaur. We were afraid of this guy. He can crash through buildings. Gregoire and Dr Stormcrow were very close. We had a quick read of the rules to make sure we understood how he plays.

Abominotaur says Hi
We were lucky because he does not smash ramparts and he was penned in. Scowl was dispatched to help. The Abominotour was a distraction though and soon we had a couple of Necromancers on the table. Grin managed to make it off the board (five entry points) but we finally dealt with the beast that is the Abominotour.

Then low and behold the Abominatroll paid us a visit! He gets three activations if he has line of sight so it is important to stay hidden.

Abominatroll joins in the fun
Evil Troy was also on the board and heading for an exit. We couldn't just charge out into the open or the Abominatroll would be on us. Things were certainly hotting up. We exited Yellow and entered Orange. The pressure was building. Steady, steady.

Its getting interesting
Evil Troy makes it off the board under cover of a hordes of zombies (six entry points). If another necromancer makes it off the board, its over. Enter the Queen. 

Gregoire heroically took down the Abominatroll and we took a breath. Fallstaff and Meriell took out the Queen. Sigh of relief.

This was it, the next couple of turns would decide it. We took a step back in case the zombies got an extra turn and drew the zombie cards.

'All standard walkers get an extra turn'

Phew we were glad we had taken that step back.

'All standard walkers get an extra turn'

Damn, damn and double damn. They were on us.

Falstaff and Merrill were first to roll and phew they survived. Having armour and deflecting dagger proved helpful.

Scowl, Gregoire and Dr Stormcrow
However our second group was overcome. We took one more wound that than we had available and that was it. We were undone.

It had been a spectacular game. Truly, we had so many abominations to deal with and in the end it was the zombies that got us.

A little read of the rules in relation to abominations showed us that we had been playing them wrong. As with the necromancers we had all the cards in the deck and we should only be adding a select few.
We have been making this game a lot harder than it was supposed to be.

Adjustments will be made for the next game, but what fun we had. Spectacular. I have got to say that Zombicide Black Plague is just one of the best games ever invented!