Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dark Angel force 1500points

Well the dust has settled and I thought I would load a picture of the brave souls who represented on Sunday.

It is a small force in terms of numbers and quite attacking minded.

I know that I should have taken a shooting army. I should have sat tight and forced the Nurgle hoard to come to me, maybe keeping a counter punch option for the hand to hand that would happen from turn 3. However I was actually quite pleased with the way the army played. I was unlucky that the Venerable Dread and the Razorback got immobilised. I will have to invest in some extra armour!!

I think the main thing for me to learn is to pick the right unit for the terminators to engage and then use the Landraider and Vindicator together to keep the rest of the army at bay. Wipe the first unit and then move on to the next. I attacked two units in my enthusiasm. I should have concentrated on wiping the Obliterators first.

I think I would also revisit the second HQ choice and the Venerable Dread. Maybe this is where the devastators come in with lots of plasma cannons.

I will say that I like the power axes very much, they proved themselves!

I will also need a plan to handle the flyer.

Now where is that rule book ...... ? I think I will need some more models to paint ;-)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

What an Epic day

Well now, the plague arrived and was well met by the Dark Angels but sadly the day was not ours....

I fielded an unusual army.....

- Belial with 5 terminators in the crusader, a couple of lightening claws and the Deathwing banner
- Interrogator Chaplain with 5 man command squad including 2 power axes in a Razorback with lascannons
- Vindicator
- Venerable Dreadnought with autocannon
- Two Landspeeders, one with heavy bolter and assault cannon and one with multi melts
- Tactical squad of 5 with a meltagun

The idea was that the Nurgle horde were making a surgical strike to take out the Dark Angel leadership at the start of the campaign.

The surprise of the day.......

A flyer, I could only hit it by rolling a six!! It proved itself - well and truly.

The game started on the right hand side with me throwing Belial and terminators down the throat of 30 Zombies and 2 Obliterators. They were supposed to be supported by the Chaplain but the Razorback got immobilised crossing terrain. It was heroic indeed. The Crusader did lots of damage and the Terminators assaulted. But the armour saves just kept on coming and there were sooooo many zombies. They just clawed there way through slowly.... turn by turn .....

The Vindicator did its job on the left and causing major threat but its many penetrating hits just did not do the damage required (awful dice)

Things were getting very interesting by the close of turn 2 and then the Darktemplar teleported Typhus. He rolled 2 dice, double 5 so 10 inch scatter unless he could roll a hit and ..... he did. Typhus arrived in exactly the right spot! I poured on the firepower and then I sent the Chaplain in to greet him.

Typhus was imperious!! Although a certain power axed individual clung on to take a couple of wounds from him.

In the middle I harried the plague marines with the Landspeeders and vindicator but could not really push home any real damage. My Venerable Dread become immobilised just as it was about to join the fray. So many 'what ifs' in this game.

In truth the Dark Templar got it exactly right. He sucked me in with the zombies. I should have left them alone but the obliterators had me worried. What a star Typhus proved to be and he got stronger as the game went on.

Overall the game was true joy. I thing of beauty. It ebbed and flowed, which is all you ask. It had surprises and was tactically really interesting.

Congratulations to the Dark Templar on a very well judged game!! Well done sir. Until the next time. I just know that under that pile of Zombie bodies Beldial still clings to life and can be returned to duty.....

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Belial's Wheels

My most recent project has been a Landraider Crusader. "Belials Wheels". This has additional capacity and will carry more than a squad of 5 terminators (sixteen models, as terminators count as 2, that means eight terminators). Therefore Belial plus a squad of 5 terminators can enter battle from the safety of this hulk.

It has an armour value of 14 all the way round. I have not been able to discover its hull points but it must be at least 3 which is the example given for a Leman Russ on page 70 of the rulebook. If anyone can shine a light on this, I would appreciate it?

Its wargear is also impressive, twin-linked Assault Cannon, multi-melta plus 2 hurricane bolters.

The assault cannon is a Strength 6, heavy 4, rending weapon. That is 4 dice, re-rolling to hit, needing 3's. Rending means that when rolling to wound, any 6's are automatically causing a wound. Ouch!!

The hurricane bolters count as 3 twin-linked bolters. The are 2 on the vehicle so that is 6 twin-linked bolter shots. That is 6 dice, re-rolling to hit, looking for 3's.

And we also have the multi-melta. It is a single shot at 24" range which is decent bearing in mind this vehicle is all about getting up close and personal. Strength 8, AP 1, Heavy 1, Melta. Melta means that an additional D6 is rolled when penetrating vehicles.

That is 10 twin-linked shots needing 3's. 66% success rate so 6.6 on average and then a further 2.24 on the re-roll making that an 8.84 likelihood to hit, plus the multi-melta. That is going to make a big hole is most squads.

The machine spirit allows the vehicle to fire one weapon at BS 2 even if the crew are shaken or stunned.

It is an 'assault vehicle' which means that models disembarking can also launch an assault in that turn.

Its points cost is 250pts and I think worth considering if playing a large points game. What does this mean for me? Well it means that I am easily distracted by large shiny objects. Getting into character is one thing but I should really be settling on an army list for Sundays big game and concentrate on painting the models I will need!

It has been fun to paint though and I needed lots of bits from the bits box. I do like a good rummage. The assault cannon is my own conversion and the multi melta is also from the bits box. Project Deathwing is well underway.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Venerable Dreadnought, work in progress

I have been having some fun applying paint to the Venerable Dreadnought. There is so much detail that great care is needed.

I ordered a twin linked autocannon from Forgeworld and was really disappointed with it when it came. The quality of the moulding was dreadful, especially at the rear. The dreadnought is truly a thing of beauty. I wish my painting skills were sufficient to do it real justice, but I am enjoying having a go.

I started with a brown base coat and then went up through the layers of highlight and wash to bone. The metal started black, then bolt gun metal and then a shade wash followed by a bolt gun metal highlight. I then started to pick out some colour.

I tried to keep focus on the face and have therefore taken it forward towards white more than the surrounding areas. Still more work needed but he is coming along nicely.

Behind the scenes I have been working on 'Project Deathwing'. This will give me a Deathwing force of sufficient points to be playable. I have been working on 10 terminators and a second Landraider.

I had to convert the twinlinked assault cannon and am quite pleased with the results.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fully armed

Well after those disparaging comments I thought I had better post the completed model, now 'fully armed'!!

Some of the other models are starting to look the part after a weekend of painting. I am really liking the power axe on this fellow.

Big boy in da house

High excitement as the postman left his calling call yesterday and then I had to go and pick up a package this morning. Oh yes - Forgeworld have delivered!!!

Rushed home after work to get stuck into building and assembling.....

Can't wait to have him fully together and start with the painting. Detail, detail, detail ..... really cool!!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Guard Sighted

The reports had been coming in all day. Imperial Guard units sighted. This was unexpected. Belial had  had not called for reinforcements and there was no expectation that reinforcements would be needed. Could this be a Nurgle trick. Only a single image was available and this was blurred....

Belial knew he would need more intelligence........

Taking flight

I have been looking at my fast attack options. The Ravenwing Land Speeder is looking really good value for the 65 pts. This come with a heavy bolter or a free replacement to multi melta. For +35 pts an assault cannon can be fitted.

I was also looking at the bikes who are fearless. (Three bikes 120 pts) I notice that if you take six you can add a Land Speeder to the unit. They can take a teleport homer which will make for some interesting combos but not for this battle...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Painting the Dark Angels

I have been doing a lot of building and painting trying to give myself loads of options and I want to have the models suitably geared. I found myself in need of some new paints and brushes so I paid the local Gamesworkshop a visit.

They have some very useful new painting guides.

I picked up a Dark Angels card: -

And I also bought the Painting Guide. I really like the way it stands up beside you while painting and there are some large scale photos which really helps explain what is being described in the written piece.

Well worth a look. 

I have numerous models that are coming along nicely and I am hoping to get them to a playable standard by the this evening. The base troops for my Tactical Squad are nearly there as are the Power Sword, Power Axe and Plasma Pistol options for the Command Squad.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Command Squad

Well I have been looking at the Dark Angel command squad. You can take one for every Independent Character in the army. They are basically Veterans but have the advantage of being fearless. They are 105 points v's 100 pts for the Veterans and the weapons upgrades are different. The command squad may also take the Company Banner which allows units within 12" to reroll Morale and Pinning tests. This costs 10 pts. (Interesting when combined with the Rites of Battle rule allowing all units to use Belial's leadership of 10 for Morale, Pinning or Leadership test)

I think that it will be good to take a command squad, the issue will be to plan its use and equip them accordingly....

The 'shooting' option does not give good range options. 2 x Meltaguns at +10 pts per model looks the best, It is also possible to take plasma pistols at +15 pts per model but the whole 'gets hot' special rule is a bit of a turn off. I have been the wrong side of it too often. To be considered though for its AP2, S7.

The other option is to go full out 'hand to hand' and make use of the power weapons. I can include 2 at a cost of +15 pts. So all the squad would go pistols and chain swords with the upgrade of 2 models to power weapons. In the latest rules there are still decisions to be made, power swords v' power axes. Power weapons have also acquired an AP value and some special rules.

The standard position is power sword S of user (4 in my case) and AP3 (good against marines) where as the power axe is S+1 (5 in my case) and an AP of 2 (good against terminators) but 'unwieldy', goes at Initiative step 1.

So I need to decide which power weapon to take, is it worth taking plasma pistols, if so do I split them up and go power weapon + bolt pistol or put them together and go power weapon + plasma pistol. And what happens if I put a standard bearer in the group. How many attacks does he get in hand to hand.

I have some reading to do....

All thoughts / advice welcome.

PS - I have had an email from Forgeworld, It confirms that the Venerable One has been dispatched and is in the post.....

Friday, 9 November 2012

Lighting the fires

Encountering (and wiping out!! and OK I had a few more models than I should have and it was a barren table ....) a Nurgle scouting team could only mean one thing, more would follow....

Belial knew that flames alone would would not be sufficient to lay low the Nurgle scum. He eyed up the options available and was drawn to Demolisher Cannon mounted on the great Vindicator. He knew that this would vaporise all before it, a smile creased his face as a plan hatched.......

Strength 10, AP 2 and Ord. 1 Large Blast. Now that could deal with T5 Nurgle, even in terminator armour. Even if it misses the 2D6 scatter is reduced by the BS of 4 so nearly bound to hit something and instant vaporisation!!! The range of 24" may be an issue but lets face it the Nurgle scum have to come to the Dark Angels so let them and they will die.

And for those following I can confirm that Belial is in fact a good looking, blonde gent!!

Bring on the Death and Disease for we have made our preparations.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fire and Brimstone

Belial reviewed the forces being assembled to face the Nurle onslaught. 

You deal with disease by incineration, applied with a steady experienced hand.

He called for some of the old guard.

Lol - You know it has been a while since I visited Forgeworld and they have some lovely stuff!!

Belial to lead us forth

Having done a bit of reading I really like the idea of taking Belial to lead my Dark Angel force. It will also sit well with my aim of expanding the force until I have a full Deathwing army.

My own version of him is coming along nicely. I have gone for the lightening claws option so it will be good to see him in action shredding his way through rotting Nurgle flesh. And just to get him used to the idea, I have tainted his base slightly... ;-)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Searching for a Dark Angels leader

I have been doing some reading online to review options for leadership and came across this image of Beliel.

He looks like he could lead you through hell and back :-) Sword of Silence = master crafted, power sword, yum. (He can also take twin lightening claws - extra attack, ignores armour saves, and re-roll to wound dice. That is 3 basic attacks, +1 to charge, +1 for pair of claws = 5 attacks with a WS of 5)

Upon investigation I find that there is no model for Beliel. I find this quite amazing!! He is also cheap with a points value of 130! This is less than an Interrogator Chaplain in terminator armour at 145 points (120 + 25 for the TA) I know the equipment is better for the Chaplain but.....they have the same basic stats.

Now also interesting is that each character in an army gets the option to take a command squad. But there does not appear to be an option to put them in Terminator Armour. How will that work in a Deathwing army?

Lots to ponder on here.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Librarian Option

Well I got to thinking about who was going to lead this motley crew and entered the garage to have a check through what I have at my disposal and there in the corner was the army box set I purchased a couple of years ago and then did nothing with. I discovered a very nice metal Librarian model with force weapon. This is how he looks on the box.

Wheres the glue and snippers. I feel a mission coming on. Stand aside and let me at the assembly line.

I really must be more careful about going into the garage. It can lead to some very exciting discoveries :-)

Massing the troops

Thanks for the comments. So now I am thinking about the specific role for each of my units. A few years back I took a Dark Angel army to a one day tournament 'Conflict London'.  There were 131 players in the 40k section. There were 3 games in the day. Myself and a guy called Andrew Isherwood (with a Tyranid army) scored maximum points for Generalship. We each had 3 massacres and on that day the Dark Angels were really on form.

My tactics for day were honed over several months (I took a lot of beatings and learned lessons galore) and were fairly basic. Play to your strengths. I ruled the centre of the board with a devastator squad. It was a static firebase. Its purpose clear and super effective.

So what might this mean in todays terms?

I think I would plump for Missile launchers with a single Lascannon. This gives me options frag v krak.  Good range at 48".  Its expensive at 185 pts. Also I am thinking that a five man squad would not have a lot of staying power. An extra 5 models costs another 75 points but at least when the first hail of bullets arrives I would not be losing the heavy weapons.

I have just compared this to the Predator (with twin linked lascannon, pintle-mounted storm bolter and 2 heavy bolters)  at 135 points.

Maybe those Devastators would be worth the points after all.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dark Angel Choices

So heres the thing. I have a game coming up and I am playing about with potential Army Lists. Its a 1500 point game against a Chaos Nurgle force. I have noticed that my troop choices have 2 alternatives that add up to similar points....

Choice 1

220 pts - Tactical Squad with 10 marines, plasma cannon, melta gun, melta bombs, power fist (25pts). If I leave out the power fist it works out at 195 pts.

Choice 2

190 pts - Tactical Squad with 5 marines, melta gun, melta bombs and a Razorback with a twin linked Lascannon and storm bolter.

I have not played much in the last 4 years. Prior to that, I loved the 5 man squads. I like the twin linked lascannon giving 2 chances to hit and also the ability to use the vehicle as mobile terrain. The question is, will the greater troop numbers in the 10 man squad make them worthwhile. They will have greater staying power and thats a lot of bolter shots. Anyone got any thoughts at all??