Monday, 16 September 2019

To think like an Ork - Kommando style

I have spent the last few days messing about with a project. I know, we all love a good project. In this instance the DarkTemplar sent over an inspiring picture.

Inspiring picture
Needless to say this sent me scurrying into the garage for my' Ork bitz boxes'.

I just thought the idea was amazing. You can see how any Ork Kommando would think this a superb idea. I was hooked instantly. And so it was that I started to delve into the deep recesses of the 'bitz box' to find the necessary elements.

The start
Before I knew it I was hacking open a barrel and making holes and generally sizing it all up. I would have to make it all look credible. The arms and head needed to be in right places to make it believable and then the legs could be assembled such that a slow shuffle was possible. The 'low to the ground' approach. It was bonkers and very exciting.

Getting a good head was also an important feature. You needed to know there was an Ork in there so no helmets allowed.

I chose an open mouthed head with visible eyes and got to painting. I wanted the hole at the front to be just big enough to see flesh, eye and teeth.

He had instant personality and so I got to thinking about who this character might be. The story of Ned Kelly the famous Australian bushwhacker came to mind. Ned had a final shoot out with police in which, when they finally captured him, he was wearing a home made, bullet proof, set of armour.

Ned Kelly amour suit
Suddenly my Kommando had an accent. He was saying 'ga day mate' a lot and I contemplated calling my new buddy Ned. But well an Ork called 'Ned'? I'm not sure.

Anyway I thought to myself that any Ork of standing would insist that the barrel be painted red - everyone knows 'red ones go faster' and so I set about introducing a bit of colour.

It has been a joyful project and its one of the things about this hobby that really makes my juices flow. A mad idea that you just have to throw yourself into. He will be on a battlefield near me very soon!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Painting Tau

Well here goes. I had painted up some five fire warriors and a couple of gun drones using my normal method. Generally this works out as the base being PVA, apply sand before the first undercoat in black. Next is 2-3 layers from dark to light, followed by a wash, another highlight and finally some detail. I find it works for me and gets me to a playable quality.

However the world has moved on, as I discovered on a recent visit to the Games Workshop.

Colour chart
I had good fun with the woman in charge as she explained how it all worked. Before I knew it I was a fair few quid lighter and marching back to the car to try out some of the ideas. I even downloaded the Citadel Painting App.

To start textured bases - this was completely new to me. I found myself wondering what quantity to use. I had even bought a plastic applicator. This is what I went with in the end. I tried a few models including the base for the Recon Drone.
New basing
And I waited for it to dry wondering if I had made a mess of it...

Interesting outcome
This wasn't quite what I was expecting but hi ho. We soldier on.

I undercoated and waited for everything to dry.

In the mean time I tried the new colours on one of my older models.

Base layer
I have purchased a base layer, wash and two highlights for the tan colour scheme and the blues for the face. I first applied the base colours and then followed up with the wash.

The wash
It all looked a bit dark but I could see how things were working. After some time I went on to the first high light. I then picked out a few details here and there and it was coming along quite nicely.

Old and new together

Coming along
I am pleased with the progress and the desert type feel to the bases. I might try and add the odd tuft of brown grass or something. Overall though, I am quite enjoying the new painting methodology. I think they will look good on the board.

It feels good to be working on a completely new army using unfamiliar colours and methods.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Oh was just looking at the world wide web last night and stumbled into this...

Bad Ass

Yip I want one but do I needed one....
Just outstanding.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Tau Kill Team

Many years ago I was tempted to have a look at Tau in Warhammer 40k. I even purchased a box of troops and half assembled them but then we moved on to new thing and they were left in a box and worked their way to the back of the many unfinished projects.....

This Christmas we were talking about Kill Team and how it would be nice if we all started a new army/team that was the opposite of what we usually play.

I am an Ork!! Tau seems like a very different concept and the plan was hatched.

Its here - Tau
I finally got around to placing an order and the postman did his thing as a result, a new project is born. I know nothing about Tau. Nothing!

The box I had were Fire Warriors, what arrived in the starter kit were also Fire Warriors which was tad annoying anyway....

My first decision was colour scheme. I looked around and there were a lot of options. I hate the white and after some thought I decided to go old school  yellow/brown option. I played around with one of the drones until I had something approaching what I had in mind.

I started to work on some of the Fire Warriors, the ones with the pulse rifles first and I was suddenly enjoying myself. I had a look at the basic rules for Tau and noted that there are lots of weapons and drone types so I paid a visit to the local Games Workshop store for a chat. The was a youngster in the shop painting up a Tau Kill Team squad. He had just played in a competition with them so I sat back and was educated. Always good to get first hand knowledge.

I purchased some Pathfinders to give me more options and I got into a discussion about paints and basing and Oh My things have moved on. I made some more purchases and now I look forward to trying out the new tips. Base coat, wash, highlight and edge is the new mantra. Lets hope it turns me into a proper painter. Where there is life - there is hope ;-)