Saturday 23 February 2019

Tau Kill Team

Many years ago I was tempted to have a look at Tau in Warhammer 40k. I even purchased a box of troops and half assembled them but then we moved on to new thing and they were left in a box and worked their way to the back of the many unfinished projects.....

This Christmas we were talking about Kill Team and how it would be nice if we all started a new army/team that was the opposite of what we usually play.

I am an Ork!! Tau seems like a very different concept and the plan was hatched.

Its here - Tau
I finally got around to placing an order and the postman did his thing as a result, a new project is born. I know nothing about Tau. Nothing!

The box I had were Fire Warriors, what arrived in the starter kit were also Fire Warriors which was tad annoying anyway....

My first decision was colour scheme. I looked around and there were a lot of options. I hate the white and after some thought I decided to go old school  yellow/brown option. I played around with one of the drones until I had something approaching what I had in mind.

I started to work on some of the Fire Warriors, the ones with the pulse rifles first and I was suddenly enjoying myself. I had a look at the basic rules for Tau and noted that there are lots of weapons and drone types so I paid a visit to the local Games Workshop store for a chat. The was a youngster in the shop painting up a Tau Kill Team squad. He had just played in a competition with them so I sat back and was educated. Always good to get first hand knowledge.

I purchased some Pathfinders to give me more options and I got into a discussion about paints and basing and Oh My things have moved on. I made some more purchases and now I look forward to trying out the new tips. Base coat, wash, highlight and edge is the new mantra. Lets hope it turns me into a proper painter. Where there is life - there is hope ;-)

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