Wednesday 8 March 2017

Ablobination in da house

So last night saw the first game of Zombicide Black Plague using all the cards I have available. We had wolves, new bosses and lots of Necromancer options. We were really looking forward to it. We decided to play the Evil Twins scenario. There were four objectives and two of them are Abominations. The aim was to claim the objectives, kill the abominations and get off the board.

We decided that the two of us playing would have six survivors in total. We could choose one each and the remaining four were random. I choose Genevieve and the DT choose Morgan. This added something to the game as we had to alter our play style to the skills of the survivors and the weapons we discovered.

We also played the NCP's and as such we had a vault deck. Anyone killing all five types of zombie was entitled to a card from that deck.

There are two vaults in the scenario and each has a random vault weapon.

So the big question was - which, if any, of the big boys would turn up.

Actually the first thing that we discovered that with all the new Necromancer cards in the game there are lots and lots of free moves for the Necromancer. Its like they are sprinting. This took us by surprise and it wasn't long before one made it off the board. We now had five spawn points and the pressure was on.

We discovered one of the Evil Twins and killed him. Hurray. But then the Ablobination showed himself. He has a reach of one square and will make short work of any survivor. Montalbon (below) beat a fast retreat from the open door in front of him.

The game proved to be great fun. All is good once you stay at Blue level. After that it all kicks off. We made a slow start but finally discovered some decent weapons. There were volumes of zombies by this stage and it wasn't long before we sailed through Yellow and into Orange level.

Magic was not a big factor as we didn't discover and good weaponry. We had Morgan and Milo. Both did very little damage, intact Morgan spent most of his time shooting his long bow.

Glynda proved to be great fun and did Gilbert. Genevieve did really well as she got a good bow early and Montalbon was using his Hit & Run ability to great effect.

We ran out winners in the end of what proved to be a fun evening. I felt that the Blob had earned some paint and so he will ooze his was in games in the future in full technicolour!

Some paint for the Blob
And from the back
The zombies are definitely more intimidating when they have got paint on them.


  1. Great to hear that the game went well and fabulous job on the blob - sounds like a blast.

  2. I've just got the base-box and a couple of extra heroes painted yet, and look forward to painting the rest up and have a go at everything, just like this game.
    Thanks for the report, it was certainly inspirational.