Monday 24 August 2015

Jesse - Chef Ramsay - Zombicide

Yes indeed folks it is nice to play a character that you feel that you know and get into. I received Chef Ramsay as a present recently and was delighted to be able to give him an outing.

(Excuse the basic paint job. Slapped together in a hour just before play.)

He comes with the 'Born Leader' rule. This allows him to give a free action to another character. It must be taken in their next turn or they lose it. He can take it himself, if desired. It doesn't sound much but in reality is really does help the group.

Who is the biggest bad ass in the group that can dish out lots of damage. Lets them have another action and the potential for carnage increases.

Who is in trouble and really needs a hand? Give them an extra action to improve their mobility or damage dealing opportunity.

When you reach the Orange Phase he turns into a Melee expert by adding +1 to his Melee dice roll or becoming a Swordmaster, Treat all melee weapons as if they had the Dual symbol. Imagine welding a couple of Chainsaws. Now that would be some fun!

At Red level there are a further three Melee options to choose from, a free Melee action, +1 die in Melee or +1 to his Melee dice roll.

So Chef Ramsay is a man for getting the sharp knives out and getting stuck in. Perfectly logical really, for a Chef. A bit like 'the butcher' in Gangs of New York.

As a Zombivor he continues along this theme.

At Red level he has access to the Zombilink rule. This means that he will have an extra turn every time an extra activation card is drawn in the zombie pile. He also gets to take this turn before the zombies.

He is a real team player and awesome in Melee. Well worth considering for your Survivor crew.


  1. He was a wonderful addition to the group, especially when we got to got to grips with his actions. I'm always a sucker for a 'not' character.

    1. The characters could be a big part of the fun of playing the game. We don't have that many but I was looking at a few last night. Playing Mr 'T' might be fun. Catch phrases all over the shop.